• Helping Women Feel Valued and Cared For

    Baskets of Hope is a charitable initiative founded in 2010 by Krishna Gupta and Dianne Young with kindness and compassion in mind. It is intended to help the women and children of WIN House get back on their feet while feeling precisely how they should feel – valued and cared for.

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Baskets of Hope Brings Us Together

Collectively we can make a much larger impact than we ever could on our own. Throughout the years, Baskets of Hope has shown us that. As the event grows, so does the donation we make. We’ve grown from 12 women and 12 baskets in Dianne’s home to 150 people and 150 baskets in Rohit Group’s main office. We’ve welcomed the growth throughout the years and can only hope for more in the years to come! Discover the whole story by clicking below.

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